The Host
All made by me! I like this page especially, since it encourages me to work on my pixel skills.

You can use these pixels wherever you wish, just please credit me and don't edit or redistribute as your own!

floaty hearts

purple floating heart blue floating heart teal floating heart green floating heart yellow floating heart orange floating heart pink floating heart red floating heart white floating heart black floating heart zombie floating heart
purple heart blue heart teal heart green heart yellow heart orange heart pink heart red heart white heart black heart zombie heart

twinkling stars

purple blinking star blue blinking star teal blinking star green blinking star yellow blinking star orange blinking star pink blinking star red blinking star white blinking star black blinking star
purple star blue star teal star green star yellow star orange star pink star red star white star black star

blinky bullets

blinking round purple bullet blinking round blue bullet blinking round teal bullet blinking round green bullet blinking round yellow bullet blinking round orange bullet blinking round pink bullet blinking round red bullet blinking round white bullet blinking round black bullet
round purple bullet round blue bullet round teal bullet round green bullet round yellow bullet round orange bullet round pink bullet round red bullet round white bullet round black bullet

spinny squares

purple spinning square blue spinning square teal spinning square green spinning square yellow spinning square orange spinning square pink spinning square red spinning square white spinning square black spinning square
purple square blue square teal square green square yellow square orange square pink square red square white square black square


pumpkin jack o'lantern jack o' lantern lit up jack o' lantern blinking jack o' lantern flickering black spider black widow spider ghost (static) ghost (floating) bat (static) bat (flying)
candy corn candy corn (alternate) mellowcreme pumpkin teal wrapped hard candy purple wrapped hard candy pink hwrapped ard candy yellow wrapped hard candy