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golden retriever
friendly and happy
colorful kidcore


Sunny is a friendly, happy golden retriever. They love bright colors and have the markings to match, with rainbow-colored markings all over their creamy-white fur, as well as rainbow hair and tail. They adore kidcore fashion, especially shorts or baggy pants and oversize tops. They prefer to be barefoot but will also wear socks with fun patterns and colorful shoes (mostly sneakers). They also enjoy wild, chunky accessories and almost anything rainbow.
One of Sunny's hobbies is collecting funky toysthey can hardly see their cute blankets for all the plushies piled on the bed! They love singing and dancing along to their favorite music, typically upbeat, positive tunes that make them smile. They enjoy being creative, whether arting traditionally or digitally, and all kinds of fun crafts. They're probably most content when curled up in bed or on a comfy couch/armchair, watching cartoons and chatting with their friends on their computer.


  • Loves bright, bold colors, and all their clothing/accessories reflect this!
  • Puts cute and colorful stickers on many of their belongings (laptop, phone, water bottle, etc.).
  • Loves novelty snackfoods (think limited edition or unusual colors, shapes, flavors).
  • Has two worm-on-a-string plushies, both rainbow-striped—one that's about three feet long and can be draped over Sunny's shoulders, and a smaller ~9-inch one that they take everywhere, usually clipped onto their bag. The furry bellies of both worms, as well as their eyes, glow in the dark!
  • Loves cartoons, especially 80s and 90s ones, and often puts them on in the background while doing other stuff.
  • Is afraid of the dark.
  • As a consequence of the previous, particularly loves toys and other items that light up and/or glow in the dark.


  • cartoons
  • retro toys
  • plushies & blankets
  • rainbows
  • happy music


  • rom-coms
  • the dark
  • loud noises
  • violence
  • hot weather
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