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You say "witch" like it’s a bad thing...
Faustin by Femurjism
Name   Faustin
Called   Faustin, Faust
Species   human... mostly
Age   35
Gender   genderqueer
Pronouns   he/him
Height   5'9"
Build   medium build, toned
Eye Color, Left   glowing orange w/ white sclera
Eye Color, Right   black w/ black sclera
Sexuality   pansexual, polyamorous
Style   fabulous & flamboyant

He's a little witchy, a little ghouly, a lot Halloweeny, and all fabulous! Faustin is a bit of a Disney-esque, "Hocus Pocus"-inspired kinda-villain, the kind of guy with a theme song on standby, you know?

A lifelong student of magical arts of all kinds, Faustin frequently dabbles in new and often dangerous magics, up to and including deals with 'demons'. He loves to show off, performing small magics whenever he thinks he can get away with it without getting into too much trouble.

Artists please take note: His right eye is solid black!

Moodboard he was loosely inspired by:

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Credit: Just-Be-Magnificent.tumblr.com

◼ Physical Description

Physically fit and conventionally attractive, Faustin frequently uses his looks in combination with his silver tongue and magical skills to win over friends and foes alike. That said, his bigger risks have several times cost him in terms of his appearance, for better or for worse; his left eye glows a wicked orange, his right eye is solid black. He's gained fangs, and the tips of his clawed hands and feet have turned inky black to match his dark dealings. He may or may not be immortal at this point.

◼ Clothing

Faustin's clothes are spooky and fabulous, often very out there with a lot of brilliant color (primarily oranges, greens, and reds) paired with black. He's not afraid to wear something a bit 'out there' in style and is perfectly comfortable showing off some skin. His accessories typically feature spiders or snakes, as they're both his favorite animals and have a convenient effect of tending to cause others to be a bit uncomfortable.

◼ Gender and Sexuality

Faustin is very open-minded when it comes to questions of gender and sexuality; he's genderqueer, pansexual, polyamorous, and has had dalliances with some not-so-human beings (demons and monsters of various sorts).

  • animals, especially spiders
  • books
  • rain/thunder
  • dancing
  • cleaning
  • extreme temperatures
  • organized religion
  • children
  • Faustin was raised by his single mother, known to the people of the nearby town as the dubiously-trustworthy "Mama Faust."
  • Faustin loves animals of all kinds. He was 100% the kid to constantly come home with a new companion and ask "can I keep him?" As consequence, he's had many, many pets over the years.
  • He currently has an orange tabby cat, a jumping spider, and two snakes under his care.
  • He's definitely not above performing flashy musical numbers to seal a deal with a mortal.
Faustin by Salple
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