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Horns. Hooves. Heavy Metal.
Name   Aryx
Called   Aryx, Brat (affectionately)
Species   hellbull
Ethnicity   Caucasian, Greek descent
Age   33
Nationality   American
Gender   genderfluid, characteristics change at will
Pronouns   he/she/they, dependent on current form
Height   5'9"
Build   muscular
Eye Color   yellow
Hair Color   black
Sexuality   pansexual, polyamorous
Education   dropped out grade 10
Aryx by PartyArty
Aryx by Mister Destroyer

Aryx is a "hellbull," a member of a sort of demi-demonic race that is half human, half bull, and vastly more dangerous than either. In their usual day-to-day life, they're a sort of apprentice bass player for a band their father has played in for many years. After years of practice they can now stand in for their father on occasion and may one day take his place if he chooses to retire.

◼ Physical Description

As a hellbull, Aryx is almost like a reverse minotaur--human from the waist-up (not counting their horns) and bull from the waist-down. Starting at their waist, they have thick, deep-brown fur covering their legs, which end not in human feet but in large black cloven hooves. Their bull-like brown tail ends in long black hair. They have human-like hands with naturally black fingernails, matching their hooves.

Sprouting from their forehead are two large, black, gently curving horns. Their black hair is styled in a mohawk, the back of which is quite long and much of which is styled with braids of varying size, and decorated with beads in different colors and materials (steel, bone, etc.). When displaying male characteristics (see "gender" below), they also have a mustache and beard that is styled into two sections secured with more beads.

◼ Clothing

Staples include band shirts in varying condition and torn up jeans or likewise torn up denim shorts. Usually some variation of band hoodies, denim vests with band patches sewn on (battle vests), and/or leather jackets. Lots of leather accessories (including varying collars and wrist cuffs), straps and chains, studs and spikes. Large steel rings (such as the grim reaper on their right middle finger). Several piercings in each ear and a steel hoop through septum. Piercing in left eyebrow.

◼ Gender

Identifying as genderfluid, they are able, through a gift of magic from their doting 'uncle' (a very old friend of their father's), to shift their physical characteristics at will. This allows them to have a body matching whatever their current gender identity is. As such, it is not at all uncommon to see them with feminine characteristics (breasts, wide hips) one day and masculine characteristics (facial hair, flat chest) the next. It is also posible for them to appear gender neutral, without apparent characteristics of either, as well as both (though this last is very rare). As they've gotten older, however, they've found they prefer their masculine form above any other and spend most of their time in it.

◼ Weapon

Living in a world with monsters, Aryx occasionally (too often really) finds themself needing to defend themself, and sometimes go on the offensive themself. They fight with a labrys, a double-headed battle axe gifted to them by their father. They can summon it to materialize in their hand with a few words spoken in a long-forgotten ancient language, as taught to them by their uncle.

  • hard rock
  • heavy metal
  • playing bass guitar
  • chocolate
  • fighting
  • bubbly pop music
  • being treated like a child
  • pastels
  • sexists
  • The hellbull species gave rise to the ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur.
  • Aryx must eat human flesh to survive. Without it, they will slowly starve to death, reverting to something of a feral state in search of food.
  • The large steel hoop through their septum is a traditional body modification among their race. This piercing is typically recieved at puberty; Aryx got theirs a few years late.
  • Aryx plays bass in their band (made up of all monsters).
  • When fighting, as one sometimes has to do in a world of monsters, Aryx wields a labrys--a long-handled, double-headed battleaxe.
To give some idea of Aryx's wardrobe.
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steel jewelry and leather accessories
vintage-look Alice Cooper shirt
Torn up black t-shirt
Torn-up blue jeans
Torn up black jeans
Torn up jean shorts
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