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Of Dust Bunnies and Giant Spiders
Thursday, January 19, 2023

    What in the holy bajeebus.

    So I dozed off earlier, with my YouTube playlist chattering away with video game history videos.

    Most of the dream is already gone enough to not make much sense, but part of it involved investigating what appeared to be some sort of bug life in my (messy lol) bedroom, only to discover said "bugs" were actually tiny living dust bunnies, with pale white-gray bodies and darker gray ears. For some awful reason I mashed one with my thumb and it disintigrated.

    Finally I dreamed there was some kind of huge reddish brown spider across my room, but upon my blowing gently in its direction to make it skitter away, it dropped off the web and bounded towards me in several large leaps before jumping on me—which is what woke me up. I even experienced that "scary thing happens in dream, attempt to scream but cannot" thing. Blech.

    0/10, Do Not Recommend.

    The dumb part is overall I rather like spiders, as long as they give me my space! I think they're pretty neat, even if some freak me out still Yet for some reason, huge, dangerous spiders are a common theme in my dreams. :I