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Bad Driver
Sunday, June 05, 2022

    I was a teenager, ostensibly a freshman but we were driving age so that doesn’t make sense. Anyway Markiplier and his brother were also teens (Mark my age and his brother a senior, so about 18) (even though I think even Mark’s brother is younger than me in real life, lol). Obviously this was pre-YouTube for Mark.

    Anyway apparently Mark and I were like, the absolute best of friends (platonically). At one point we giggled together over a shared joke.

    Mark was a bit of a reckless driver, at one point driving off a small ledge (riverbank? I dunno it was stony/concrete) and into the opposite ledge/bank, causing everyone in the car to be thrown forward in their seats (there were a couple other people in our friend group).

    No one was hurt, and I think the vehicle was fine, but Mark’s brother forbade him from driving and did the driving instead. Unfortunately I woke up about that time.

    Honestly pretty wholesome and silly!