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Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Content Warning: injury and airplane disaster

    I was a young girl with a broken leg, having been brought into the hospital all alone. I guess my clothes were dirty, because the kind nurses provided me brand new clothes—a dress and leggings, I think? And then for some reason a pair of clear, tall rainboots (an odd choice considering I'd been bandaged up quite extensively for my injuries (of unknown cause), including my arm in a sling. I was of course scared and wanted my father (who was not my irl dad). I think I was a little afraid of getting in trouble for getting hurt (which I didn't).

    Once my father showed up, we suddenly had to escape some sort of a disaster that took place at an airport; a nurse carried me as we fled, massive airplanes falling apart around us as they attempted to land or take off. In slow motion, at least two planes broke in half (in front of the wings), the enormous fuselages (for these planes, commuter planes, were at least twice the size of their normal counterparts) splitting and crashing horribly on the ground.

    There was a brief impression of myself walking with crutches, presumably after the disaster resolved, but I don't recall anything further.