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On Dream Guides
Original date unknown; transcribed Friday, July 16, 2021

Kes: an impish young blonde woman with strange, alien ears   Back probably 10-ish years ago, back when I was having pretty good success with lucid dreaming, I experienced the phenomena of "dream guides." Dream guides are essentially beings in a lucid dream that are aware that they're part of a dream, as opposed to most dream beings that tend to freak out and even morph into monsters upon learning they aren't "real." They're there to help the dreamer realize they're in a dream and are generally benevolent beings. In my case, both dream guides I encountered were beloved characters from favorite franchises.

    The first was Kes, the telepathically-gifted alien character from early seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. Fittingly, I encountered her while 'on' the Voyager.

    The second dream guide, who I believe I encountered twice, was Lady Awa de Paysant, the ghost witch bride former keyboard player for Finnish monster rock band "Lordi." Also possessing psychic abilities, Awa was also kind to me (I guess she knew I was a fan? lol). I remember almost nothing from her dreams, aside from an old-fashioned white clapboard-sided building and land that was some grass, but mostly white gravel driveways (perhaps a neighborhood?).

Awa: an undead, monstrous bride, holding tarot cards    If I've ever encountered other guides, I sadly don't recall them, and I haven't had much luck in lucid dreaming in many years now. I kind of hope that this journal will help me lucid dream again, hopefully meeting Kes and Awa again, and maybe new guides.

    Addendum: This made me remember the time I confronted a dream version of my mother, outside of her old antique shop, about the fact that she was, in fact, a dream. Seated in her vehicle (which oddly I think was the old pickup she had when I was in the 3rd grade), Dream Mom became enraged, morphing into a monstrous caricature before speeding away.

    Apparently this is a normal reaction from 'normal' dream beings, with dream guides, conversely, being perfectly cool with not being "real."