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Dangerous Kids
Friday, July 16, 2021
Content Warning for violence and implied death

   This afternoon nap dream opened with funky music, sort of dancey techno type stuff. A robotic voice chanted in rhythm, "dan-ger-ous kids! dan-ger-ous kids!"

    The dream revolved around an epidemic of kids gone mad, wreaking havoc (upturning trash bins, breaking stuff, etc.) and killing each other. It was all 'shot' cinematically (I was merely watching) and had sort of a feel of a somewhat campy 80s/90s horror film. Fortunately there was no actual gore to be seen.

    In a particul instance, one young boy is attacked by another with an axe. The victim fell, looking up in fear at his attacker from where he lay sprawled on his back on the grassy lawn. The other boy brings down the axe, and the "screen" goes dark. When the picture returns, the victim boy walks toward the camera as a zombie, glowering, with mottled gray skin and a big scar where his skull had been split open. He mouths "dan-ger-ous kids" to the robotic voice in the music, and the dream ends.