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Tropical Storm Nicole
Thursday, November 10, 2022, 9:00pm
Location: Florida
Mood: kinda bored
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Playing: nothing atm
Eating: n/a
Drinking: Coca-Cola
      Watching: Welcome, Foolish Mortals! | FierceKittenz on Twitch

   So tropical storm Nicole was pretty unremarkable here; the wind blew a lot and it rained, enough that the dog didn't want to go out to pee, lol, but otherwise it was pretty uneventful. An empty rubber trash bin moved a few feet across the driveway, and some small branches/leaves/etc fell. The East coast of the state wasn't quite so lucky; lots of erosion damage that piled on to the damage already done by Ian. There's at least one beach-front condo high-rise that had to be evacuated for fear of collapse when its seawall broke down.

   I had one of my worst-ever pain episodes last night as the storm was approaching, though. Like I was almost in tears, it was hard to even stand; everything hurt and hurt so bad, and my meds weren't even helping. (Granted I'm out of ibuprofen at the moment and only have Tylenol, which doesn't seem to work too well for me so that probably didn't help matters.) I nearly burst into tears trying to get a water bottle open at one point because it hurt my hand so much.

   I finally managed to doze off for a little bit around like 1 or 2 am, and that seemed to reset my pain levels a bit. I've had a nagging headache that I couldn't get rid of until a couple hours ago, so that I kept napping today because I couldn't really focus on much, and honestly ended up sleeping through most of the storm, lol.

   I don't have much else to say at the moment I guess; I mostly wanted to make this entry to make note of the pain episode, honestly, because even as it was happening I was just stunned at how severe it was. Pain is just a part of my life ever since I got sick and to an extent I'm used to it, but this was way out of the ordinary. Like I usually occupy myself in the evenings by playing computer games or working on my website or something, but I couldn't even bring myself to do that. I just laid on my bed watching YouTube and Twitch and hoping I'd fall asleep to escape the pain--like it was probably an 8.5 or 9 on my pain scale. If it had continued to be so bad by morning, or gotten worse, I probably would have asked the roommate to bring me to urgent care because by that point I'd have been convinced something was clearly wrong.

   I'm really wondering if it was at all related to the weather, since the barometric pressure drops a lot during a storm like that? I seem to be doing a lot better tonight, and hopefully it stays that way.