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Thursday, June 09, 2022, 08:55pm
Location: Florida
Mood: excited
Listening: n/a
Playing: Core Keeper later, maybe
Eating: Lasagna Hamburger Helper
Drinking: iced green tea
      Watching: Jacksepticeye: THIS GAME DETECTS WHEN I SPEAK!? | The Backroom 1998

a smallish plant with leaves in multiple bright colors, in a textured blue pot   Hello whoever's reading! I had a doctor's appointment today, and since my doctor's office is across the street and a bit down from a Lowe's, I gave treated myself to a wander through their nursery section. Came away with a multicolor polka dot plant (which would be actually multiple plants in one pot, but I digress) and a new little plant pot. a smallish pothos plant with white and green splotched leavesAlso, to my immense joy, I found one of my wishlist plants, one I was hoping would be one of my next plant purchases--A Pothos N'Joy! (or possibly a Pothos Pearl and Jade, which is extremely similar and hard to tell apart; either way I'm happy!)

   The pothos actually had a broken pot, but I got a 15% discount so I guess I don't mind. It's kind of an ugly pot anyway and I plan to replace it--there's actually a really cute "Proud Plant Parent" pot at Target that I'm dying to get my hands on, and if I do get it I'd like to put the new plant in it. I already have the matching tank top (both pictured below). :)

a smallish pothos plant with white and green splotched leaves

   a strangely-growing 'mutant' rosette-type succulent Also while at Lowe's, I discovered a big piece of a tradescantia zebrina 'deluxe' I think it was? It looks like my other tradescantia zebrina but the leaves are bigger. Anyway I brought it home (it would have been thrown away by the big box store anyway) and stuck it in water, and within no joke four hours the thing had not-insubstantial roots! I'm kinda impressed, like I knew it was a plant that roots eagerly but this is ridiculous; you could almost have watched this grow in real time!

   So ultimately a pretty good day! I need to repot the new plants, especially the pothos, but tonight's my night to cook dinner so I'll probably do it tomorrow. Speaking of dinner, time to go feed the dog and cook! Later!