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More Easter Stuff (That I Forgot in the Previous Entry)
Saturday, April 17, 2022, 08:00pm
Location: Florida
Mood: happy
Listening: n/a
Playing: n/a
Eating: crackers
Drinking: green tea
      Watching: Captain Sparklez on Twitch

   a hand holding two bottles of 'Peeps' nail polish; each fingernail is painted a different shade So distracted was I by the the object of my last entry that I forgot a couple things!

    First is that I did my nails in pastels for Easter! The purple and blue are Sally Hansen x Peeps colors, while the pink, orange and yellow are Sally Hansen x Mentos colors (I couldn't afford all of the Peeps colors in time, rip). I know they won't last long (they never do; my nails are so thin), but I really love how they came out! My aunt gave me a tip about clear gel nail polish possibly working as a topcoat for me though so I definitely want to check that out sometime

   a large jade plant Today was a nice day; Dad picked me up and we went to my stepmom's for an Easter get-together (after quick stops for tea and a car wash). It was mostly my stepmom's family, who are wonderful people I enjoy visiting with! There was lots of food, an egg hunt, and lots of good company. It was pretty hot out (around 85°F, plus humidity because Florida) but for the most part being outside was surprisingly tolerable (there was a small breeze that definitely helped!).

   a strangely-growing 'mutant' rosette-type succulent And then everyone started heading home kinda all at once, lol, so we did too (but not before I was loaded down with lots of leftovers!). We had one stop on the way home, too--Dad wanted a root beer so we stopped at a gas station, but weirdly they didn't have root beer, so we ended up with Snapple Zero, lol. Oh well.

    Bonus pics of my stepmom's beautiful jade plant (she tells me she got the original little plant around when she met my dad over 20 years ago!) and what appears to be a slightly crested(!?) echeveria(?) of some type.