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In Which I Buy A Bunny-Shaped Frying Pan
Wednesday, April 04, 2022, 08:10am
Location: Florida
Mood: a bit tired tbh
Listening: n/a
Playing: n/a
Eating: chocolate chip cookies
Drinking: good ol' water
      Watching: The Click: r/FurryIRL - "Ew... a Furry"

   Hello, how's it going, I'm not dead lmao. I haven't posted to this blog since freaking OCTOBER. Oops. Tbh I've been dealing with somt nasty depression lately and it's had me down pretty hard. I'm trying to fight my way out of it though! Cleaning the house, tending my plants (I've been doing a lot of repotting and chopping & propping and general maintenance), tending my isopods, et cetera and so on.

a pack of chapstick and a bottle of nailpolish being held up by a hand

   Which reminds me, I want to update the photos of my plants but some are undergoing ugly stages due to the aforementioned chopping and propping. So that might take a while. Some of the newer plants will get pics though! I also have a couple little plushies that need photos for the plushie page, so maybe I'll get that done in the next few days.

a deep blue pot being held up by a hand

    What I really should be doing is sleeping, but uh... Well I got super into working on updating my About Me page and next thing I knew it was like 6am. Whoopsie. I mean I don't have anything I have to do today until I make dinner, so I can nap, but yeah. Nothing like a hyperfixation to make you forget to sleep. 😅

    In other news, I got a few goodies yesterday while running errands! Chapstick has a new spa-themed set out: "almond oil," "rose water," and "mint tea"--they are glorious and I'm truly in love with the almond oil one! Sally Hansen is doing a new candy crossover for Easter this year; this time it's Peeps! I couldn't immediately afford all four or five base colors, but I did pop for the "Sparkly Wild Berry" white and pink glitter polish! I also nabbed a pretty blue plant pot while running through Walmart to replace my bedside fan (the original started making some disconcerting noises and cleaning it out didn't really help, sadly).

a small Peeps bunny-shaped frying pan sticking out of an Easter-themed box

    And then, of course, the pièce de résistance! The item I was kicking myself for not snapping up during a Walmart run last week and was thrilled to see still in stock this week: the officially-licensed Peeps pancake skillet! It's not the nicest, fanciest frying pan in the world--what do you expect for six bucks--but I absolutely love it. I'm excited to make pancakes with it. And then I can make waffles with the mini honeycomb-shaped waffle maker I got last month.

    What can I say? I'm a nerd for novelty. Especially when it's cute.

two cans of Nitro Pepsi, one regular and one vanilla-flavored, both held up by a hand

    That reminds me! I found the "Space Flavored" Coca-Cola® Starlight recently and the new Nitro Pepsi™ (both original flavor and vanilla). Starlight is... certainly different. To me, it tastes a lot like the lovechild of original Coke and some s'mores. With a hint, just barely, of like, I guess mint? Something that's kinda cooling, a bit like the effect of drinking water after brushing your teeth, but not as intense. I dunno, it's not bad, but it's not... particuarly good, either. Still, I dig the label and I always love trying a new weird flavor of soda!

    Nitro Pepsi, on the other hand, just tastes like Pepsi. Or vanilla Pepsi, in the case of the flavored option (which actually is pretty good, btw). It comes in fancy tall cans. It fizzes like crazy when you open it--you'd better be ready to drink or pour it immediately because it will foam over fast. Speaking of that foam, it has an impressive foamy head, which is really cool! But... once you get through the foam, you're left with pretty much just almost completely flat Pepsi. On the surface, the smooth, smaller-bubbled, nitro-infused carbonation sounds like a great idea, but ultimately it doesn't really work with a sugary soda. It was an interesting experiment though!

    I think that's everything interesting for the time being. Later Days!*

    (*What? I feel like channeling my inner Tino Tonitini today!😉)