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Spider Shenanigans!
Monday, October 04, 2021, 03:05am
Location: Florida
Mood: meh. recovering from a sugar crash.
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Eating: bologna & cheese sammich
Drinking: water
      Watching: Jammidodger: Nonbinary People Be Like

    A red, white and black spiny orb weaver spider, building a web in a car window This actually happened last week but I still want to share; I had a close encounter with a spiny orb weaver spider and discovered they can actually get stuck on their backs like turtles!

    I walked face-first into her web right before running errands. We couldnt' find her so I figured she'd jumped off, but then I saw movement in the car window a few minutes later! She spent the whole time we were driving around trying to build a new web in the window despite the wiggly car movements. I felt kinda bad that I had to take her away from that work but when we got home, A red, white and black spiny orb weaver spider, building a web in a car window (close-up)I scooped her up to take him back into the yard. That's when she got stuck on her back briefly, while I was holding her. Then, despite my juggling, and before I could get her back to her crepe mytrle tree, she jumped, using some webbing as a parachute. Oh well! Hopefully she found a better place to build her web.

    There's not much else to talk about at the moment, I guess. It's October, officially Halloween month, so that's exciting! I haven't gotten very far with my Spoopy Season™ Watchlist, lol, but that's okay. It's for fun and not something to stress over, anyway.

    Oh! I know something I wanted to share. I've had this song stuck in my head for days by now; this guy's voice is incredible! His name is Geoff Castellucci, and his range is just insane. I love listening to him. He's actually in the group Voiceplay, if you've heard of them, but this is from his solo channel.

    Also, all that fancy video editing and effects, he did that himself, too. He's talented as heck. And if I'm right, judging by his social media posts, he'll have a new spooky song offering for this year coming soon! I look forward to it.

    Happy Spoopy Season™!