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Taking a Stripper Pole Straight to Hell~
Thursday, April 1, 2021, 5:45am
Location: Florida
Mood: amused
Listening: n/a
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Eating: Nongshim spicy ramen
Drinking: Arizona Honey Ginseng Green Tea
      Watching: FOODFIGHT! - The $50 Million Mistake | Cynical Reviews

   A large red-veined fittonia plantI'll be honest--Lil' Nas X's latest song isn't really my style, that is to say not really something I'd listen to on its own, but I love the video. Like don't get me wrong, he is a talented as hell artist. And all the memes I've been seeing coming out of the new song/video are amazing. But perhaps the best one I've seen so far is this one by Thomas Sanders. It just caught me so off-guard that I dropped my phone and did a literal rofl (well, I was on my bed, not on the floor, but still). I highly recommend it.

   A smallish plant of green leaves covered in purple fuzzIn other news, I have a new plant! My red-vein fittonia (pic on the right) has grown like crazy and I didn't keep it cut down, sooo he's got a new 8-inch pot and a new name: Big Red! And the new plant, name pending, is one from my plant wishlist! It's a Purple Passion (on the left), an awesome plant whose leaves are covered in brilliant purple fuzz. I'm very excited to have found it. :D The new plant took over the former pot of Big Red. I need to rearrange/clean off my desk and windowsill to give them proper homes.

   A small yellow sketchbook with teal 'SKETCHES' label and various stickersAaand I guess the last bit of news from me, other than all the stuff I've been working on with the site (Btw I have a new shrine dedicated to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now!), is I got a nice vinyl label for my sketchbook to somewhat match what I did with my recipe book. It looks nice and I'm super happy with it. :D

   I think that's everything for now. Have a Happy Easter if you celebrate, and if not, enjoy the chocolate sales! 🤍