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Well that was fun.
Thursday, January 07, 2021 ?:??
Location: Florida
Mood: mixed but generally good?
Listening: n/a
Playing: n/a
Eating: Spicy Ramen with loads of sour cream
Drinking: water and Sprite
      Watching: CaptainSparklez on Twitch

    So about an hour and a half ago I spent like ten minutes chasing roommate's freaking chihuahua through the cul-de-sac and someone's back yard because he chased the amazon guy when I tried to retrieve my package from the porch. :I Me running around in my shorts and thin pajama shirt, no bra, trying to catch that little turd. I was mad. Had to knock on the neighbor's door so I could run into their yard to get them, dog stopped to sniff neighbor's hand and I was terrified he'd bite him (he's a biter of people he doesn't know) and just aaaaa. Fortunately it worked out okay and I got him back in the house, but oy vey.

    In better news, though, my new hand mixer and pie plates have arrived! I can finally bake stuff without struggling to mix by hand. o3o And I can make my grandma's cheesecake recipe, which I finally got a new copy of from my aunt at Christmas. Also got the black glitter paper I wanted for matting my new Darkiplier at the Beach print (I love Markiplier and his many characters X3) but I still have to get to Walmart for the frame I want. Might get a few of the frames while I'm at it, actually, because I really like them and they're very well-priced (cool weathered-looking wood). Also also, my new pillows arrived; nice soft down-alternative ones that I love. I've almost replaced all my pillows with these ones now. They're just... they're so soft.

    On a side note, I recently and quite by accident discovered that spicy ramen with a bunch of sour cream in it (the spice is too much for me without it, #whitepeopleproblems) is delicious and I think I've got a new favorite comfort food. It still almost hurts to eat it but it hurts good, lol. I think I'll be buying Nongshim spicy ramen again!